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  • Suzi Quatro
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  • Kristin Hersh
  • Honeychild Coleman
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Rock Chicks – I am not female to you

Filmposter von Rock Chicks

Filmposter von Rock Chicks © Mitja Hagelueken/Accentus Music

On the big stages out there, it’s a men’s world. Or maybe this is just what we were led to believe? What if the King of Rock ‘n‘ Roll was, in fact, a Queen?
Listen closely and you’ll recognize Memphis Minnie’s guitar in Chuck Berry and Eric Clapton, Sister Rosetta’s wild spirit in Jerry Lee Lewis and Big Mama Thornton’s growling voice in Elvis.
The fact that women had been rocking stages before the 1950s got erased from collective memory. On her journey through female rock history, film maker Marita Stocker meets a number of women who are as impressive as they are different. They from Afro-american punk rocker Honeychild Coleman to glam star Suzi Quatro and alternative rock legend Kristin Hersh. Unlike their predecessors, these musicians made it into the limelight. They are here to stay and rewrite rock history. Because only those who are seen can be a role model for future generations.


Sunday, Nov. 5. 2023


DE 2023;
Directed and written by: Marita Stocker;
OmU (engl. with German Subtitles);
79 Min.
FSK 0;

2023, Bimovie 29, Documentary, Popup-Sommerkino