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Background information Women’s Filmweek Bimovie

Bimovie started out as an experiment in 1991 presenting high quality movies and exhibits of radical cinema that were looking into gender issues.

Soon Bimovie developed into an annual women’s film programme consisting of films created by women for women. The result turned out to be a sweeping success. From the very beginning Bimovie did not only turn its attention to women’s film and lesbian cinema, yet focused on movies that questioned politics of identity and representation.

Since 1991 Bimovie has been an integral part of Munich’s cultural landscape and is the must-go-to event for the film-enthusiastic feminist community of Munich.

Two hallmark features of Bimovie are the many premieres and the curating team’s passion for rare and fairly unknown movie gems. The filmfest provides Munich based residents with access to a wide variety of films that otherwise would remain unseen. Bimovie is organized by the Geierwallis, a group of female film professionals and feminist cinephiles.

It is funded by Filmstadt München. e.V. and the municipal department of Arts and Culture.

The Bimovie Crew:
Anne Daschkey, Dorothee Denzler, Monique Farrar, Katrin Gebhardt-Seele, Harriet Hoefer, Karin Hofmann, Annette Müller, Bettina Steininger

Many thanks to:

Christiane Böhm, Luisa Müller-Hahl, Anneliese Umali, Marie Lebert, Monika Haas, Karola Gramann, Heide Schlüpmann, Michaela Dietl, Miriam Weichselsdorfer, Sabine Eisenhauer, Anne Krafft, Sabine Voß, Andrea Gollbach and Ursula Neubauer of Lillemor’s Frauenbuchladen, Nadine Osbild of Glitch Bookstore, Barbara Streidl und Karin Sausner from Frauenstudien München e.V., Hotel Olympic, Joachim Post from Hamburg International Queer Film Festival, the Team from QFFM, the Team from Werkstattkino, artechock filmmagazin and all Filmemakers.