More than 20 years ago, Monika Treut spent a lot of time in San Francisco, which already had a vibrant queer scene (as we would call it today). There, she brought her groundbreaking film classic Gendernauts to the movie theatres. Today she returns in order to reunite with her protagonists.

They are now between 58 and 84 years old, and hardly anyone can afford to live in the city anymore. But the energy of the “gendernauts” and their supporters, Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, is still unbroken. From the very first scenes, they bring their captivating power to the screen, talking about “ecosex”, loving Earth and everybody on it.

But how have the gendernauts’ lives changed? How do they, as civil rights activists, deal with right-wing conservative policies that are threatening to erode hard won minority rights? Genderation takes a utopian look back in time on the gendernauts’ creative resistance against hostile living conditions in the United States.

The individual protagonists are filmed in vivid cityscapes and vibrant sceneries that showcase the vastness and beauty of California.


Thursday, November 4, 8:30 PM Monday, November 8, 6 PM


DE 2021,
Director, Writer & Producer: Monika Treut;
Cinematographers: Elfie Mikesch, Robert Falckenberg;
with Annie Sprinkle, Beth Stephens, Stafford, Sandy Stone, Susan Stryker, Max Wolf Valerio,
Musik: Mona Mur and others,
English OV with German subtitles,
88 min.

2021, Bimovie 27, Documentary