Amazonen einer Großstadt

“You’ve got to fight for your place in the sun anyway. I don’t want to have a mediocre life.” Mixed martial arts fighter Maryna is ready to push beyond her limits. In her home country of Ukraine, she enjoys some quiet family time. As a young girl, Zilan fought in the women’s unit of the Kurdish guerrillas in northern Iraq. Now she takes care of her baby, but she is still involved. “That Fucking Sara” doesn’t take shit from anyone at her DJ workshops, where she makes sure that the shy ones get their turn. In her film essay, Thaïs Odermatt is looking for her own runaway Amazon. She finds her in these Berlin women who go their own way without compromise, naturally combining hardness and softness within themselves. Ysabel Fantou


Saturday, November 6, 6 PM Tuesday, November 9, 8:30 PM


D/CH 2020,
Director & Writer: Thaïs Odermatt,
German OV,
66 min.

2021, Bimovie 27, Documentary