Allgemeine Informationen zu BIMOVIE 21


Ex Ante

We are pleased to announce that we're able to host BIMOVIE 22 at RIO FILMPALAST! New theater, new films, new luck. This year we've retrieved the following movie gems for you: starting with FtWTF – Female to What The Fuck: consistently sympathetic and eloquent, politically and feministically analysing, the protagonists become heroes and heroines of gender difference. Margarita With A Straw, a colourful movie from India, is introducing us to the world of handicapped Laila, who naturally asserts her autonomy, while going to New York to make music. Troublers is an remarkable road movie, that reflects on the experiences of hate, homo- and transphobia and explores lesbian ways of life in South Korea. Sworn Virgin is a tranquil and impressive feature film on the Albanian phenomenon of sworn virgins starring the wonderful Alba Rohrwacher. The Duke of Burgundy, a sensuous and bizarre arthouse movie, is taking us into a surreal realm populated by women only. Inspired by the erotic films of the 1970ies it is taking us to an old manor house, where we are invited to secretly witness the psychological twists of a sadomasochistic relationship between two women. In the inspiring documentary Sonita a young girl from Afghanistan succeeds in withdrawing herself from forced marriage by uncompromisingly following her dream of becomming a rapper. Der Freiheitskampf der Kurdinnen (Kurdistan: Girls at War) paints an impressive and at times polarizing picture of the feminist Kurdish army of women.

Yours truly,
Moana Bauer, Christiane Böhm, Anne Daschkey, Dorothee Denzler, Sabine Eisenhauer, Katrin Gebhardt-Seele, Ingrid Hackl, Harriet Hoefer, Karin Hofmann, Annette Müller, Julia Stiebert

With special thanks to:
Elisabeth Kuonen-Reich, Karin U. Soika, Monika Haas, Ulla Weßler, Barbara Röser, Ina Wohlmann, Miri Leitner, Joachim Post vom lsf Hamburg, Susanne Kunz, Heidi Aron, Conny Weber, Sophie Ruhlig, die WG in der Rumford und alle Filmemacher*innen.