Smoke Sauna Sisterhood

When women of all ages get together in the sauna, an almost mystical atmosphere arises. In Estonia, smoke saunas are a tradition with deep roots. Visitors are allowed to shed not only their clothes, but also their burdens. Free of taboos, the women show their innermost selves, sharing fears and memories of traumatic experiences. They talk about love affairs, pregnancies and sexual voyages, about beauty as well as pain. In this safe space full of quietly listening companions, a sense of connection gradually develops. When the women sing together towards the end, one can feel how their shame is lifted. The sense of solidarity between them carries over to the viewers – an extraordinary experience that resonates for a long time and should definitely be shared with others in a cinema. Smoke Sauna Sisterhood received the Directing Award of World Cinema Documentary in Sundance.

Warning: This film contains references to sexual violence.


Sunday, Nov. 5 2023, 6:00 PM Monday, Nov. 6 2023, 6:00 PM


EST, F, ISL 2023
Directed and written by: Anna Hints;
OV with English subtitles;
89 min.;
FSK Age Rating 12

2023, Bimovie 29, Documentary