Außer Männer hatten wir nichts zu verlieren

Filmplakat von "Außer Männer hatten wir nichts zu verlieren"

As young filmmakers Leila Keita and Hanna Hocker set off to explore the origins of the women’s movement in Munich during the 70s, they come across materials about the opening of Lillemors, Germany’s first women’s bookstore that was founded by six women on November 3 of 1975 in Munich.

The directors decide to make this store and its co-founder Monika Neuser the starting point of their film. It is a portrait of one of the first local safe spaces for women – men are not admitted. Emancipated women from all around Munich come to Lillemors to meet, network and pursue feminist initiatives.

In talking to Sabine Holm, one of the surviving co-founders, and operators of Lillemors, Andrea Gollbach and Ursula Neubauer, the filmmakers address the fact that many feminist concerns of the older generation are still very relevant, even when there is some dissent.

Filmemacher*innen Leila Keita und Hanna Hocker

Filmemacher*innen Leila Keita und Hanna Hocker

Moderated discussion following the film

In a moderated discussion after the film, we would like to deepen the inter-generational dialogue initiated by the film. With the original and current booksellers present, we will talk about the history and future of the bookstore and the women’s movement. Where can we find common ground und opportunities for collective action? How can we put our differences to constructive use, and what can we learn from each other? Our discussion will be facilitated by moderator and author Barbara Streidl from Munich (Wir Alphamädchen: Warum Feminismus das Leben schöner macht).

Discussion with Leila Keita (Regie), Andrea Gollbach and Ursula Neubauer (Lillemors Frauenbuchladen), Sabine Holm (founder Lillemors), Nadine Osbild (Glitch Bookstore), Barbara Streidl (moderation; board member of Frauenstudien München e.V.)


Friday, Nov 3 2023, 6:00 PM
Wednesday, Nov 9, 2022, 8:30 PM


DE 2023;
Directed and written by: Leila Keita and Hanna Hocker;
OV with English subtitles;
30 min.,

2023, Bimovie 29, Documentary