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Playing time

November 06 - 13, 2010


Maxim Kino
Landshuter Allee 33,
80637 München - Neuhausen
Tel.: 089-16 87 21
S-Bahn Donnersberger Brücke, Bus 53 Schlörstr., U-Bahn Rotkreuzplatz



Advance bookings only November 06 - 13, 2010 and only at (tel Munich) 089 / 16 87 21.

Single Ticket:  5,50
5x Multi-Ticket:  24,00
10x Multi-Ticket:  44,00


Programme changes are undesired but sometimes unavoidable.


a year has passed, many films were viewed, and we have selected these for you, with many Munich premieres among them.

Brigitte Hobmeier as Die Hebamme (the midwife) is a first-class performance, and in difficult times she does not leave the women alone. Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement is a true story of love, about love, a love film and a never-ending dance between both wonderful protagonists. A dance also changes the lives of the young heroines in Little Black Boot. An enchanting discovery from Bosnia is Snow. The women plan to supply the whole of post-war Bosnia with their own home-made food.

There was also nothing more to eat in Italy after 1945, as the women rice-workers had to slave away on the plains of the Po. Di Madre in Figlia (From Mother to Daughter), the most superb film from Munich's 2008 film festival. The Owls (Older Wiser Lesbians) is a thriller, but also much more. The story was developed by "The Parliament Film Collective" - a queer project. Costa Brava is a stunningly comical and intelligent romantic comedy. It has finally arrived: the first documentary film about the Austrian lesbian movement: Verliebt, Verzopft, Verwegen (amorous, antiquated, audacious). Together with Unerhört Lesbisch in sign gestures, it's a dream combination. Louise Michel was a famous French freedom fighter and in the original version of the film Louise Hires a Contract Killer it is named after her. Inspirational on the subjects of globalization and the financial crisis, New York plays an important role in this year's Bimovie, Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement got to know each other here. We are showing New York Memories, the new film from Rosa von Praunheim, and finally on the big screen again: Paris is Burning. As always we have mixed in entertaining, exciting and shrill shortfilms throughout the programme: Prada Handbag, What I Found in Great Aunt Nell's Closet and Das Grüne Schaf.

Here's to another, very enjoyable Bimovie.

Your Geierwallis team
Annette Müller, Barbara Röser, Bettina Englerth, Dorothee Denzler, Harriet Hoefer, Karin Hofmann, Katrin Gebhardt-Seele, Marion Herz, Sabine Eisenhauer

Also many thanks to: Ingrid Hackl, Miri Leitner, Pezi Novi, Karin U. Soika, Sigi Daiber, Ulla Weßler, Thomas Sessner, BR Redaktion Kino Kino, Joachim Post of lsf Hamburg, Wolfi Bihlmeir, the Werkstattkino team, Jon Smale, Conny Weber, Verena Reindl, Gerhard Ullmann, the Rumford and Geyer communities, Emma Novi, Lea Novi, the Daneben women and all filmmakers.<