Movie Theatre & Tickets

Bimovie 27

November 4-10 2021


Make your ticket reservation online at or via phone 089 89059980.

Single ticket 8,50 €
Triple Ticket 24,– €

All films are rated 18+ unless otherwise specified, as FSK ratings are still pending.

Program changes are a nuisance, but sometimes can’t be avoided.



From November 8th 2G rules apply inside the entire cinema. 2G stands for Geimpfte and Genesene (lit. ‘vaccinated persons’ and ‘recovered persons’) and means that visitors above the age of 12 must either be fully vaccinated against or fully recovered from a previous infection with COVID-19. The only exception are children under the age of 6.
You need a 2G proof AND a photo ID to be granted admission to the cinema. We accept a valid vaccination certificate or a valid recovery certificate.
Please note that face masks must be worn inside the entire cinema unless eating and drinking.
For more information on hygiene and safety measures at Neues Maxim, please go to

Plan enough time for the document check and have your 2G proof, the ticket and your ID ready to help prevent longer queues.

Furthermore, we look forward to seeing you in Corona compliant groups so that we can use the limited number of seats as effectively as possible.

Movie Theater

Neues Maxim
Landshuter Allee 33
80637 München

U1 + U7 Rotkreuzplatz (app. 4 min. walk)
Buses 53 + 63 Schlörstraße in front of the movie theatre
Tram 16 + 17  Donnersbergerstraße (app. 4 min. walk)
S1-8 Donnersbergerbrücke (app. 5-10 min. walk)